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Crowdocracy - The End of Politics

The Crowd Foundation

As we were writing the book and interviewing people to gather data, insights and test our ideas, we were often confronted with the question: if you believe this is a good idea, then why don’t you put it into action? While we originally set out to work out an idea and offer it to the world in the form of a book, we started to get excited by the notion that we could get involved ourselves in creating crowdocratic future. That is when we started the Crowd Foundation, a not-for profit organisation based in the Netherlands (the legal form is called a Stichting which is a purely not for profit institution that has no owners)

The Crowd Foundation aims to bring crowdocracy to life, through

  • the spreading of the message (this website, speeches, blogs, etc etc),
  • stimulating debate (on the website, in forum discussions such as at the house of Lords in the UK, organising gathering etc)
  • stimulating experiments - we welcome any community or organisation that would like to embark on a journey to establish crowdocratic rule to use the ideas, share their experiences, seek advice from other enthusiasts. Everyone is entirely free to use any of the ideas from the book or from this website to create versions of crowdocracy, and we can only hope that many will find inspiration in the experimenting crowd
  • developing the technology to enable crowdocratic governance - the concept of crowdocracy assumes that technology enables crowd governance. Today, this technology as we envisage it does not exist yet. This is a crucial piece in the road to a crowdocratic future. We want to figure out how we best stimulate the development of the technological platform that allows taking initiatives, collaboration on proposals, debate and voting. We call it a combination of Linux, Wikipedia, and Kickstarter. And we hope you help us think how we best create this: is there a crowd out there that wants to build a crowdocratic platform?

The Crowd Foundation aims to become a crowdocratic body itself. There are currently 3 founding directors (Alan Watkins, Iman Stratenus and Carol Evans), but we would like to think that sympathisers become Crowdocracy Community members and that collectively we shape what we want the Crowd Foundation to become. If you want to become a Crowdocracy Community member, then, please let us know by sending an email to

30 & 31 May - Dialogue in Portugal (Lisbon & Almada)

2 June - Dialogue in the Netherlands

2 June - Dialogue in the Netherlands

15 June - Dialogue in Westminster

mid July - Dialogue in Canada (TBD)

"I predict Crowdocracy will come to be seen as a landmark book"

"incredibly intriguing, illuminating, perplexing, puzzling, and truly informative"

“It is increasingly apparent that democracies struggle to cope with today’s challenges. Democracy as a system asks too much of too few, and not enough of everyone else. I have no doubt we are entering a phase of exploration for what could come next. I’m excited by Crowdocracy promise: it is conceptually solid and is based on concrete practices that have proven their worth in real life setting. Let experimentation begin!”
Frederic Laloux, author of Reinventing Organisations

“Crowdocracy is...incredibly intriguing, illuminating, perplexing, puzzling, and truly informative – in short, simultaneously deeply educational and surprisingly confusing.”
Ken Wilber

“I predict Crowdocracy will come to be seen as a landmark book; not for totally getting it right, but for being the first to get enough of it right to help launch a movement for fundamental democratic renewal. Our global polls show citizen trust in established democracies at an all-time low. A tipping point is nigh and this book will help shift the balance much as a crystal lowered into a supersaturated solution transforms liquid into form.”
Doug Miller, President, Globescan Foundation

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