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Crowdocracy - The End of Politics

Download Crowdocracy (e-book) for as much as you feel is fair.

The book Crowdocracy is available in paperback and in various e-book formats in bookstores and online stores (Urbane and Amazon). The retail value of the e-book is GBP 9.99.

The authors find it important that anyone can have access to the book for the price that the reader finds fair and affordable. Also, the real value of the book is often only found after you have read a book.

Apart form the time involved in writing the book, creating a book involves costs (editing, printing, distributing) from quite a few people involved, and so we do not believe in simply handing it out for free. But we do trust that our readers can better judge than we what value the book has to them, either before reading it, or after reading it.

After filling in your details (which we will use to write to you, but we will never ever share your data with anyone else - trust us!), you can immediately download the e-book. You can make a donation through the DONATE button. You can do this immediately when you download the book, or you can first read the book. We will send you an email after 1 month to remind you, but we would much appreciate if you could remind yourself as well to make your fair donation once you have read the book.

The proceeds of this download version go to the Crowd Foundation.

This offer is indeed based on our trust in the wisdom of the crowd - and you personally!

6 May - Dialogue in Iceland

11 May - Forum voor Democratie (by invitation)

2 June - Dialogue in the Netherlands

15 June - Dialogue in Westminster

mid July - Dialogue in Canada (TBD)

"I predict Crowdocracy will come to be seen as a landmark book"

"incredibly intriguing, illuminating, perplexing, puzzling, and truly informative"

“It is increasingly apparent that democracies struggle to cope with today’s challenges. Democracy as a system asks too much of too few, and not enough of everyone else. I have no doubt we are entering a phase of exploration for what could come next. I’m excited by Crowdocracy promise: it is conceptually solid and is based on concrete practices that have proven their worth in real life setting. Let experimentation begin!”
Frederic Laloux, author of Reinventing Organisations

“Crowdocracy is...incredibly intriguing, illuminating, perplexing, puzzling, and truly informative – in short, simultaneously deeply educational and surprisingly confusing.”
Ken Wilber

“I predict Crowdocracy will come to be seen as a landmark book; not for totally getting it right, but for being the first to get enough of it right to help launch a movement for fundamental democratic renewal. Our global polls show citizen trust in established democracies at an all-time low. A tipping point is nigh and this book will help shift the balance much as a crystal lowered into a supersaturated solution transforms liquid into form.”
Doug Miller, President, Globescan Foundation

Is Crowdocracy The Best Way Of Stopping Donald Trump From Becoming U.S. President?