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Crowdocracy - The End of Politics


We believe the next evolutionary stage in national governance is one in which we all get involved in everything. This is not only preferable it is increasingly necessary. For a start it’s naïve to think another group of experts or even randomly chosen individuals will govern better than we all could, if we were to govern ourselves collectively.

Technology is already enabling people to get involved in increasingly significant numbers as evidenced by the crowd engagement on sites such as Whilst inspiring, these crowds are subject to direction, and possibly manipulation, by unseen forces that bring the crowd’s attention to certain causes over others. Without a robust system with fail-safes and a crowd sourced constitutional ideology there is effectively nothing to stop a noisy crowd being influenced for and against decisions in much the same way as powerful vested interests exert influence right now. Whilst all of us must and should get involved in finding solutions it has to be done within a robust framework that can withstand the manoeuvrings, manipulations and machinations of undue influence from all quarters. We believe crowdocracy could be that framework.

Our vision is that one day we can all contribute our ideas of how much tax we should pay, how the collected taxes should be spent, which roads must be built and even if we should go to war or not. The process would be much more thoughtful and structured than how we currently vote to choose our country’s most talented singer. But properly structured and managed we could all decide whether we welcome immigrants or not, and how best to support those people once they arrive. This participation would also increase the legitimacy of governance, because people tend to believe in and support what they have a hand in creating.

30 & 31 May - Dialogue in Portugal (Lisbon & Almada)

2 June - Dialogue in the Netherlands

2 June - Dialogue in the Netherlands

15 June - Dialogue in Westminster

mid July - Dialogue in Canada (TBD)

"I predict Crowdocracy will come to be seen as a landmark book"

"incredibly intriguing, illuminating, perplexing, puzzling, and truly informative"

“It is increasingly apparent that democracies struggle to cope with today’s challenges. Democracy as a system asks too much of too few, and not enough of everyone else. I have no doubt we are entering a phase of exploration for what could come next. I’m excited by Crowdocracy promise: it is conceptually solid and is based on concrete practices that have proven their worth in real life setting. Let experimentation begin!”
Frederic Laloux, author of Reinventing Organisations

“Crowdocracy is...incredibly intriguing, illuminating, perplexing, puzzling, and truly informative – in short, simultaneously deeply educational and surprisingly confusing.”
Ken Wilber

“I predict Crowdocracy will come to be seen as a landmark book; not for totally getting it right, but for being the first to get enough of it right to help launch a movement for fundamental democratic renewal. Our global polls show citizen trust in established democracies at an all-time low. A tipping point is nigh and this book will help shift the balance much as a crystal lowered into a supersaturated solution transforms liquid into form.”
Doug Miller, President, Globescan Foundation

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